New Death Ban SystemEdit

There are now two types of ban's. A scaling Death ban and a Scaling Ghost Ban. You acquire both when you die, but each one has a different effect.

Scaling Death BanEdit

Death Ban means you can not log into the server other than the lobby.

Players now have a scaling death ban up to 6 hours! When you die depending on your play time on that life you will be banned up to 6 hours. 1 hour banned per 1 hour of play!

Scaling Ghost BanEdit

Ghost Ban means you can log in and play but, you cannot suit up in any armor, and you cannot attack players/deal damage to them.

If you have played for more than 6 hours you can still be banned for up to 2 Days with a ghost Ban minus the 6 hours of death ban.

Example Played 24 hours on this life and I die, I will be banned for 24 hours, 6 of those hours I will be death banned and 18 of those hours I will be a ghost with a ghost ban.

Ghostban duration is limited to at most 18 hours. This means if you have more than 24 hours play time you will get death banned for 6 hours and then ghost banned for 18 hours at maximum.


  • Dying while in death ban will result in an extended deathban based on how much ghostban time is remaining. For example, if you had 12 hours of ghostban remaining, you would be deathbanned for 18 hours. This would be the combination of your scaling death ban (up to 6 hours) and your remaining ghostban duration.
  • You can still damage mobs, but you cannot damage players.
  • You can be killed in Ghostban, by any source.
  • You cannot equip any armor in ghostban.
  • You cannot launch any projectiles, this includes:
    • Enderpearls
    • Eggs
    • Fishing rods
    • Arrows
    • Experience bottles


Lives are a source of reviving yourself from your deathban and ghostban. A life will completely remove any ghostban and deathban active on your account at the time. If you are in ghostban and need to remove your ghostban, simply use /revive. If you would live to revive another person from ghostban/deathban you can use /revive <TheirName>. Finally if you are deathbanned and want to use your life, you can interact with the sign in the lobby to use your life, within 15 seconds, the server will update and you should see you are then able to join the server.

To obtain lives you need to purchase them from the hardcore factions store, found here.