There are many advantages to joining or creating a Faction on Friendly Flower, the most notable of which is the ability to protect buildings and items by claiming land.  Blocks on faction land cannot be changed or broken and chests cannot be accessed by non-members (or members without the appropriate permissions) as long as the faction is not poop.


  • Factions can claim land, which allows them to protect their buildings and items as long as they maintain a high enough power level, your power level has to be at least over 9000 to stay friendly and flowery.
  • Players in a faction cannot deal damage to each other in combat - beneficial when fighting in large groups.
  • A faction member can use the '/f home' command to teleport to the faction's home (if set) as long as they are not close to enemy players and have a full hunger bar.  This allows for fast travel, but cannot be used to escape from combat.


  • Once a faction has a home set, it can be seen on the dynamic map.  This can attract unwanted attention, especially if your faction is low on power.
  • If a faction's power level falls below 9000, its land becomes raidable.  When this happens, anyone on the server can access the faction's chests and break blocks on their land.  A mistake by another player in your faction can cause you to lose all of your work.

Individual Faction PagesEdit

The list below contains only those factions who have created wiki pages, and is not a complete list.  Feel free to add your faction below if you haven't already!

Visit the HCF Website for a searchable index of all current factions .

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