Rabids is a relatively sized faction, proudly led by Chicago_T3d. The faction enjoys a very close alliance with Badlion , fighting together as well as helping each other out in the event of danger.

Rabids' most redeeming feature is the closeness of its members, working together in Mumble to coordinate attacks as well as general faction and base issues.

Even though it was a strong faction, we were starting to get really disfunctional at the end of Map 4. Chicago_T3d and his mates all went down the drain in a map. T3d's reason, "The rules and adminship has gotten too serious. I wish it would go back to the way it was. No enchants, no potions."

The current memebers of Rabids are:

  • Chicago_T3d
  • Rebel_Sniper
  • Dribbles
  • arabidkoala
  • chubbyguy12
  • uberhausen

Rabids is currently inactive as of map 14.