2012-04-17 00.25.24

Xaeros Fair Play Minimap

A very nice map that sits in your HUD. You can also set way points.

2012-04-20 19.09.24


Customization mod to improve frame rate and other video settings.


Minecraft Forge A Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing or patching the minecraft.jar.



LabyMod has a wide range of features that will make you want to use it, from toggle sneak to 1.7 animations it has a bit of everything. You can view their features on the website.

2012-02-03 03.12.17-1-

Toggle Sneak

Toggle sneak allows you to stay in sneak mode without having to hold a button down continuously. Improved chat brings a longer scroll back, special characters, the ability to turn chat off/on, copy/paste plus click on links.



5zig is a ui for displaying useful information to you without having to enter debug mode, you can enable being able to see your current x,y,z, your direction and much more useful information!