The Spawn is the area in which all players start. It's a SafeZone, which means that you cannot take damage in it. In addition, the admins have also made it so that players' hunger bars regenerate while in it.

The Spawn contains a number of features integral to the HC Factions server. The first is the Faction Shop. Players can sell iron, gold, and diamonds here for coins (5, 10, and 50 coins apiece, respectively), as well as buy valuable items such as nether stalks.

The second feature is the Spawn Cannon, found in the southern part of the Spawn. The Spawn Cannon is important in that it helps new and experienced players alike leave the Spawn quickly and safely. Simply enter it and type "/sc launch" and you'll be rocketed to a random location in the Warzone. Platinum donators are also able to aim the cannon by using the command "/sc aim [x] [y]."

The third feature of the Spawn is that it contains pools of water for fishing. New players are able to fish here in safety and are advised to gather 8-12 fish before venturing out.

The fourth feature of the Spawn is that it contains helpful information. Before leaving, new players should take time to read all the signs. Ignorance is not bliss, especially on HC Factions.