Setting up shop with a few humble towers and the initial crew of builders, TowerTech enjoyed its somewhat peaceful time on Map 8. Although HCF is a PVP server, TowerTech likes to focus on buildling incredible towers, no surprise. Their philosophy is simple: there's no harder place to build than on HCF; hardcore doesn't mean we have to be aggressive.

As builders, the faction worships Cobblestone as a holy item. Coal is also regarded as a divine gift capable of turning the holy Cobblestone into godly stone bricks. Every complex is required to have a shrine to Cobblestone within it.


Map 8Edit

Trump Tower

Tenpenny Tower

Map 9Edit


Map 8Edit

Founder californiawave had endured a sad life as a lone wolf tortured by dshindel on Map 7, and his experiences inspired him to create a faction based on security and towers. Through innovative technology and design, the idea was to make towers that were extremely safe, functional, and nice to look at.

Unusually paranoid in those earlier days, he allied the faction with zanotam's HCFCity initiative and broke ground about 10 chunks away. Weeks passed on his two humble chunks, and as the University and City died, he continued to build alone. When the tower was finished, he roamed the empty halls and thought to himself, "This is sad."

From there forward, TowerTech began to recruit. Californiawave developed ways to ensure security while still allowing new members build rights. Notable members like Ananzy and wowoopwoopwo were recruited in that expansionary era. That holiday season saw a new tower, Tenpenny Tower, being build in mere days. The two-chunk plot with one small tower exploded, and the team meshed incredibly well.

But Map 9 sat only a week or so on the horizon at that point, so energies were devoted to designing the Map 9 tower. With a guaranteed workforce, the plans were more than ambitious.

New_World often tried to break in to the towers and viciously murder everyone inside. Californiawave boasted the towers' airtight status, but on the evening of December 30th, MadHatter___ and RoyalFool48 found a way in and viciously murdered 3 members within 4 minutes.

Map 9Edit